Hot Air Balloon
Balloon Safety

At Traverse City Balloon Tours, we put your safety first and foremost. We want to make sure your entire flight is secure and comfortable, with no fear or threat of danger.


Certified Hot Air Balloon Pilots

We only hire certified hot air balloon pilots with years of experience. Our Chief Pilot, Jeff, has over 25 years of experience piloting hot air balloons and is ranked 7th in the nation in competitive hot air ballooning.


Only the Best Equipment and Supplies

Our hot air balloons use state of the art technology to give you the best equipment and design in each and every hot air balloon. We perform regular inspections and maintenance on our hot air balloons and baskets, making sure before every journey that everything is in tip-top shape.


Safety Tips For Hot Air Ballooning

It is important to follow safety regulations when boarding and riding a hot air balloon. At Traverse City Balloon Tours, we very strictly enforce all safety precautions to ensure your safety.

Wear Sporty Clothing

For the duration of a hot air balloon ride, you will be standing so make sure you wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

No Ballooning in Bad Weather

Hot air balloons are a fair-weather activity. If there is wind or rain, we will reschedule your tour to make sure your hot air balloon ride is safe.

Only People in Good Physical Condition Can Go Ballooning

In order to board a hot air balloon, you must be over 4 feet tall, over 6 years old, not pregnant, and have no lingering illnesses or ailments that may make it difficult to be at high altitude or to stand for a long period of time.

Your Pilot Will Provide Safety Instructions When You Board

When you board your hot air balloon and prepare to take off around Grand Traverse Bay, your pilot will go over all safety instructions and everything else you need to know. Ask the pilot any and all questions you need to be answered to put your mind at ease.

Hot Air Balloon Tours in Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan

Hot air balloons are very safe, and Traverse City Balloon Tours does everything possible to make sure your journey is as safe as possible. If you have any additional safety questions or want to book a hot air balloon tour, give us a call at (231) 818-8331