Four Different Ways To Enjoy Cherry Blossoms In Traverse City

There are dozens of great things to do in Traverse City, from winery tours to sand dune hikes, but every spring, one special activity puts a literal cherry on top of this great destination: the annual blooming of the cherry blossom trees. Each May, Michigan’s famed cherry tree orchards put on a show that must be seen to be believed.


It’s how you choose to view the cherry blossoms that makes the difference. Different modes of travel offer different perspectives, including the following four different ways to enjoy the cherry blossoms in Traverse City.

By car

By far the easiest way to view the cherry blossoms is by taking a scenic drive. You may drive the length of the peninsulas heading north from Traverse city: either Peninsula Township on highway 37, or highway 22 up through Leelanau Township. Or simply follow highway 31 along the coast of scenic Grand Traverse Bay to Torch Lake. Each leg takes only 40 to 60 minutes, round trip, and requires little effort for plenty of enjoyment.

By bike

For a more active cherry blossom experience by land, try riding one or both of the peninsulas by bike. A bike path up through Leelanau puts you in the center of the cherry blossom action, while another skirts the bay on the western shore of Peninsula Township, so you’ll ride with blossoms on one side, Grand Traverse Bay on the other.

By Kayak

Perhaps the most rigorous way to enjoy both the bay and the cherry blossoms is to paddle out by kayak. A fun experience on any temperate day, kayaking while the cherry blossoms bloom makes for an especially gorgeous activity you won’t soon forget.

By hot air balloon

Any way you look at it, the top way to view cherry blossoms is from the basket of a hot air balloon rising above Traverse City and its split Grand Traverse Bay. During a scenic hot air balloon tour out of Traverse City, you’ll see majestic Lake Michigan and expansive views of its lakes, bays, and peninsulas. You’ll coast alongside gorgeous coastline showing off pinks, whites, and reds of millions and millions of cherry blossoms.

At the hot air balloon ride will offer a bird’s eye view from hundreds of feet up in the air, and at others it will swoop in for closer looks, gliding smoothly over the treetops for an up close perspective unattainable by land or sea. A hot air balloon tour provides a breathtaking tour of any scenic landscape, but with the cherry blossoms in bloom, it provides a perfect vantage point for one of America’s great visual treasures.

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