Top Hot Air Balloon Festivals In America


Hot air balloon festivals in the U.S. give hot air balloon hobbyists and professionals a chance to gather and entreat hundreds of thousands of spectators each year to witness special shows put on in the sky. Summertime’s a good time for a balloon festival, but we like to make the case that the best hot air balloon rides take place over fall colors.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Every October for nearly half a century, America’s most celebrated hot air balloon event has taken place amid the southwestern deserts outside Albuquerque. The more than week-long festival starts with quite the spectacle, as more than 500 hot air balloons launch from a 78 acre park, one of many mass ascensions scheduled over nine days.

New Mexico provides a majestic, if dusty location for gorgeous fall hot air balloon rides, so myriad fans and balloon enthusiasts flock to the area each year to witness launches featuring hot air balloons in special shapes, morning and evening glow shows, live music, and much more.

Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival

Taking place in the famed Southern California wine country, this early summer fest will soon wrap up its fourth decade combining wine tastings, children’s events, and of course, the sight of hot air balloons filling the skies.

Though it lacks the always stunning visual of a hot air balloon ride over fall colors, the backdrop of mountains, lakes, deserts, and of course vineyards offers its own charms.

The Great Reno Balloon Race

Less a race than an excuse to fill the skies with hot air balloon rides over the fall colors of Reno, this free annual September event — the largest free event of its kind — attracts 120,000 spectators for four days of fall hot air balloon rides.

Celebrating its 36th year, the festival is highlighted by early morning “glow shows” which see dozens of balloons light up in the sky, sometimes synchronized to music, and mass ascensions, where a hundred balloons rise together in a magnificent display.

QuickChek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning

The absolute number one thing to do in New jersey each year is to join 165,000 people in attending this largest of the summer hot air balloon festivals. Concerts, hot air balloon rides, night time glow show, and a “running with the balloons” 5K make this a special three day event, and one of the top hot air balloon festivals in America.

Every day is a hot air balloon festival in Traverse City

Fall hot air balloon rides don’t get any better than when enjoying the colors and Great Lakes scenery found in Traverse City, Michigan. Balloon rides in Michigan are popular all over, with annual hot air balloon festivals cropping up all over the state throughout the summer and fall.

But rather than play spectator to the launch of hot air balloon rides over fall colors, Traverse City Balloon Tours invites you to join us for mesmerizing fall hot air balloon rides, and find out for yourself why we offer the best hot air balloon tours in the state.