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Get your company or business the exposure it needs to thrive by advertising with Traverse City Balloon Tours. We offer corporate sponsorships on our hot air balloons as they fly around Northern Michigan or Nation-Wide allowing your brand to dominate the sky. If you are interested in advertising on one of our hot air balloons, give us a call at (231) 818-8331.


The Benefits of Hot Air Balloon Advertising

Advertising on a hot air balloon has a number of benefits when compared to more traditional advertising options.

Incredible Visibility For Your Brand

A hot air balloon is thousands of feet in the air, allowing for miles and miles of visibility for potential customers.

Strong Branding

Hot air balloons are a spectacle, so much so that people will get out of their homes to view balloons if they come close. Associate your brand with the positive emotions a hot air balloon creates.

No Competition

When flipping through a magazine or watching TV, it is easy for all of the advertisements to blend together because there are so many of them. With a hot air balloon, your ad will stand alone in the sky.

Social Media Friendly

Hot air balloons are very social media friendly. Nobody is going to post a photo of a billboard, but individuals may post pictures of a hot air balloon with your brand on it to social media, further increasing your exposure.

Start Advertising on a Hot Air Balloon in Michigan Today!

Grand Traverse Bay gets thousands of visitors every year. Advertising on a hot air balloon is a unique way to make your brand stand out, so what are you waiting for? If you have any questions or are interested in advertising rates, contact Traverse City Balloon Tours today. Give us a call at (231) 818-8331.